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The Deep-Sky Corner was created between 1996 and 2001 as a leisure project by a group of amateur astronomers. Virtual time travel: 1999, 2001, 2002. After that, the Deep-Sky Corner stayed asleep on astro!nfo until September 2020, when that website was discontinued. Now it has risen again on its own domain and is continuously updated.

12-24Erratum: Collinder 21 and Collinder 399 are only asterisms and not open clusters. Studies referenced which prove that.
12-22New: Open Cluster Stock 23
11-27Observing night on Ibergeregg: Jones 1, Jones-Emberson 1, Simeis 22
11-19New: Hickson 10 Group of Galaxies
11-15Photos by Bernie and Dragan: Abell 33, NGC 2419, M 98, M 60 + NGC 4647 + SN 2022hrs
11-13New: Group of galaxies Hickson 79 (Seyfert's Sextet)
11-07New: Group of galaxies Hickson 16 (Arp 318)
11-06New: Group of galaxies Hickson 40 (Arp 321)
10-30Observing night on Mount Titlis: NGC 7479, Jones 1, IC 410, NGC 2175
10-16Navigation: Objects by catalogue. Icons in WebP format instead of JPEG for smaller file size.
10-14New: Only globular cluster NGC 5634 in constellation Virgo
10-13Added text and image to M 45. New navigation aid: More Objects Nearby.
10-12New: Seagull Nebula IC 2177 and and open cluster NGC 2353 in constellation Monoceros
10-11New: Pair of galaxies NGC 5426/7 in constellation Virgo
10-10New: Napoleons Hat in constellation Bootes; Collinder 21 in constellation Triangulum
10-08Planetary nebulae Böhm-Vitense 5-1, Böhm-Vitense 5-2 and Böhm-Vitense 5-3
10-03New: Globular cluster NGC 6712 with planetary nebula IC 1295 in constellation Scutum
10-02New: Globular clusters NGC 6749 and NGC 6760 in constellation Aquila
09-30New: Spirograph Nebula IC 418 in constellation Lepus
09-29New: Robin's Egg Nebula NGC 1360 in constellation Fornax
09-28«Revised NGC/IC» and «Historic NGC/IC» by Dr. Wolfgang Steinicke updated to version of 1 September 2022
09-27Some PHP code changes. NGC/IC catalogs on constellation page grouped by object type.
09-25New: Planetary nebula NGC 6772 in Aquila
09-24New: Lemon Slice Nebula IC 3568 in Camelopardalis
09-23New: Planetary nebula IC 1454 in Cepheus
09-21New: Planetary nebula NGC 6818 in Sagittarius; Text addition to NGC 6445
09-20New: Blue Racquetball (NGC 6572) in Ophiuchus
09-16New: Pair of galaxies NGC 3226/7 in Leo
08-08Text for Barnard 85 (dark nebula in Trifid Nebula, M 20)
08-04Observation report: NGC 70 Galaxy Group
08-03Observing night on Glaubenberg: Minkowski 1-92, Messier 4, NGC 6369, NGC 6894
07-24New: Rose Galaxy (UGC 1810/3) in Andromeda
07-21New: planetary nebula NGC 4361 in Corvus
07-18New objects in Libra: planetary nebula Merrill 2-1, galaxy IC 4538, globular cluster NGC 5897
07-01New: Galaxy NGC 3631
06-09New: Bug Nebula (NGC 6302)
06-07New: Cat's Paw Nebula (NGC 6334) with photo by Edi
06-03New: Galaxy NGC 2782
05-22Observing night on Glaubenberg: Messier 3, Messier 60, NGC 4647 + SN 2022HRS, Minkowski 2-9, NGC 4565, NGC 5248, NGC 5466, NGC 5754,
05-12New: pair of galaxies NGC 2798/9
05-01New: UFO Galaxy (NGC 2683)
04-29New: Pair of galaxies NGC 2444/5
04-25New: Propeller Nebula (Simeis 57)
04-23Photos by Peter Kocher: Cirrus Nebula (NGC 6960, 6992/5), Horsehead Nebula (B 33), M 81, M 82, NGC 3077
04-22Photos by Peter Kocher: Gamma Cygni Nebula (IC 1318), Elephant Trunk Nebula (IC 1396), Iris Nebula (NGC 7023), Wild Duck Cluster (M 11), Dumbbell Nebula (M 27), Andromeda Galaxy (M 31), Pleiades (M 45), Bubble Nebula (NGC 7635) + Messier 52, NGC 7822
04-21New: Soap Bubble Nebula, Photos by Peter Kocher: Cat's Eye Nebula (NGC 6543), Heart Nebula (IC 1805), Swan Nebula (M 17),
04-20Photos by Peter Kocher: North America (NGC 7000) and Pelican Nebula (IC 5070), California Nebula (NGC 1499), Cave Nebula (Sh 2-155), Wizard Nebula (NGC 7380), Cocoon Nebula (IC 5146)
04-05New: Flying Bat and Squid Nebula (Sh 2-129 + Ou4) picture by Peter Kocher
03-26Observing night with Edi on Faith Mountain (Glaubenberg): Intergalactic Wanderer (NGC 2419, Quasar APM 08279+5255 + Galaxy Markarian 90, Heron Galaxy NGC 5394/5 ... then we were too tired.
03-21New: Galaxies NGC 147, NGC 185
03-20New: NGC 80 Galaxy Group
03-19New PN: Humason 1-2
03-12Added history of M 33.
03-10New: Moth Nebula Sh 1-89 + Cluster IC 1369
03-09New PN: Minkowski 1-79
03-06 Observation reports with 30" Slipstream-Dobsonian by Eduard von Bergen: Pac Man (NGC 281), Thors Helmet (NGC 2359), Peanut Nebula (NGC 2371), Eskimo Nebula (NGC 2392), galaxies NGC 3718, NGC 3729, and galaxy group Hickson 56, Bubble Nebula (NGC 7635)
03-01Observing night on Glaubenberg/Langis. Ice cold with a lot of interfering light from the snow cat and the hotels horrible outdoor lighting: IC 443, M 35, M 40, Whirlpool Galaxy, Rosette Nebula, Hubbles variable Nebula, NGC 2266, Whale Galaxy, Hockeystick Galaxy
02-27Light pollution: map of Europe, Bortle scale
02-22New Proto-PN: Minkowski 1-92, Footprint Nebula
02-20New Proto-PN: Minkowski 2-9, Twin Jet Nebula
02-16Changed to Apache PHP-FPM, HTTP/2, MPM Event for better performance. Upgrade to Debian 11
02-09Added photo, missing history and physical information for Integral Sign Galaxy (UGC 3697).
02-06New photos courtesy of Beat Kohler: Barnard 33, M 1, M 13, M 31, M 33, M 42, M 45, M 64, M 65, M 66, M 81, NGC 206, NGC 2237, NGC 2392, NGC 2403, NGC 2903, NGC 4565
02-05Observing night on Ibergeregg with object descriptions for Abell 12, M 46 mit NGC 2438, Kleopatras Eye (NGC 1535) and Asterix or Thors Helmet (NGC 2359)
02-04New PN: Little Ghost Nebula (NGC 6369). Historic discovery notes for NGC 5248. In addition to ReCaptcha, implemented DNSBL query of the source IP for guest book and contact form to ward off annoying spammers.
02-03New PN: Turtle Nebula (NGC 6210)
02-02New PN: Glowing Eye Nebula (NGC 6751)
01-31New PN: Cleopatra's Eye (NGC 1535)
01-30NGC 2000.0 by Roger W. Sinnott (1988) replaced wtih «Revised New General Catalogue and Index Catalogue», edition 2021 by Dr. Wolfgan Steinicke
01-29New: NGC 4676 A/B, Mice Galaxies
01-24Added discovery notes from the two Herschels for NGC 6804. Layout changes for better viewing on smartphones with small screens of viewport ≤375 pixels.
01-20New: Galaxy NGC 4274. Changelog separated by years.
01-19Bibliography and language selection on bottom of each page. Added some discovery notes from William Herschel. New: IC 447 (Dreyer's Nebula)
01-18Visual observation: Twin Quasar QSO 0957+561. New: Quasar APM 08279+5255
01-17All NGC objects haven been translated from German. All 413 pages have been translated. Finished!
01-16NGC objects up to NGC 6842 have been translated from German. Only 50 pages left.
01-15NGC objects up to NGC 4725 have been translated from German. Only 75 pages left.
01-14NGC objects up to Peanut Nebula (NGC 2371) have been translated from German. Only 100 pages left.
01-11All Messier objects translated from German. Only 145 pages left.
01-07Duplicated all pages to be translated and fixed links for different languages. Translated all objects up to Messier 12 ... only 232 pages left. Layout changes at constellations for better readability on smartphones.
01-05Translated from German: All Hickson galaxy groups, All IC objects
01-04Translated from German: All Abell PNs, Barnard 33, Baade 1, Collinder 399, CRL 2688, Diamond, Ethos 1, G1, Haro PNs, Hickson 44
01-03All constellations have been translated to english. Translated deep-sky objects: 3C 273, Abell 2 through 21.
01-02Code and database change for multiple languages (German, English). First translations (constellations Andromeda to Indus)