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The Deep-Sky Corner was created between 1996 and 2001 as a leisure project by a group of amateur astronomers. Virtual time travel: 1999, 2001, 2002. After that, the Deep-Sky Corner stayed asleep on astro!nfo until September 2020, when that website was discontinued. Now it has risen again on its own domain and is continuously updated.

December 1996

  1. Complete information about NGC 2440 in Puppis (PhH)
  2. New map of NGC 1931; Addition to NGC 7332/9; New map of G 1; New CCD image of NGC 7662 (SME/PhH); New CCD image of Abell 70 (PhH)
  3. Planetary nebula NGC 2022 in Orion added (SME/PhH); New CCD image of NGC 7635 ST6 (SME/PhH); Abell 70 added (PhH); Various small corrections in these files
  4. Text to PK catalogue inserted in catalog.html plus link from PK catalogue to this one
  5. Text addition at Hickson 44
  6. Image at NGC 3242 inserted
  7. Correction at map reference at NGC 1513; change at G1
  8. Object NGC 7023 added; new drawing and description at NGC 6781
  9. Added object NGC 1513
  10. Added text in catalog.html
  11. New drawing and addition to the visual object description for NGC 404 and G1
  12. Minor corrections to NGC 7662; link to English menu inserted in menu.html
  13. NGC 7662: drawing, visual and technical description at 200mm; NGC 6804: drawing and description of SME at 200mm (PhH).
  14. Images added by Bruce Balick for NGC 7662 (PhH)
  15. Object NGC 7662 with visual description added
  16. Remaining b/w inverted finder charts added
  17. B/w inverted location maps added for objects from Leo to Puppis; new location map added for NGC 2261.

November 1996

  1. added b/w inverted location maps for objects from Andromeda to Hydra; new location map for NGC 3242
  2. Text additions and corrections to M81 and M82; visual object description and sketch of M92
  3. Objects M81 and M82 added
  4. Figure added at M16
  5. Image added at NGC 7789
  6. Figure added at M13
  7. Additions in bibgraph.html, catalog.html, com/m64.html, cyg/n6888.html, tri/m33.html, menu.html and index_m.html; illustration added at M92

October 1996

  1. POSS image inserted at M13 and text adapted
  2. Additions to bibliography; objects NGC 6804, 2346 and 2440 added.
  3. Added object M15 with PK 65-27.1; added galaxy IC 4617 at M13
  4. Object description of M16 and IC4703 and M92 added
  5. Images added at NGC 6703 and NGC 7332
  6. Additions in bibliography; correction in info.html and at M 1; text and image addition at Cirrus Nebula
  7. Added bject description of NGC 7332/9; picture for NGC 404; corrections and additions for Messier 57
  8. Added text for NGC 404, NGC 1514 and 3C 273; new picture for 3C 273
  9. Added text for Messier 33 and NGC 604
  10. Added object description for NGC 1701; additions in Ophiuchus, Serpens, NGC 6960+, Messier 64, Leo, Hickson 44, Hickson 61
  11. Correction in NGC 6703; Additions in constellations Ophiuchus and Aquarius
  12. Additions in bibliography and in Gemini quasar; object NGC 6703 added; catalogue description Messier, NGC⁣ added; additions in M33, IC1296 and NGC6543.
  13. NGC 6834 added; additions to the constellations Taurus to Vulpecula; additions to Cetus, Messier 33 and Bibliography.

September 1996

  1. Additions in the constellations Piscis Austrinus to Sextans; Physical description of NGC 6888 added; Entry in Bibliography.
  2. Various small corrections in NGC 404, NGC 6781, NGC 1501, NGC 7789, NGC 6888, NGC 6960+, Draco, NGC 6543, NGC 2371/2, Abell 21, NGC 2392, Hickson 44; additions in the constellations Lupus to Pisces; additions in menu.html and index_m.html.
  3. index.html instead of frame.html --> shorter URL
  4. Updated true nature of NGC 6543; additions in the constellations Indus through Libra
  5. Files for Messier 16 and Messier 92 prepared; changes in the affected catalogue files; object categories asterism and stellar cloud introduced; corrections in Camelopardalis and Sagittarius
  6. Corrections and additions to NGC 6543; missing location map of Messier 33 added; entries in Bibliography; additions to the constellations Coma Berenices to Grus.
  7. Corrections and additions to the constellations Andromeda to Columba; corrections in index_m.html and menu.html
  8. Additions to Aquila, Ara, Aries and Auriga
  9. Additions to Andromeda, Antlia, Apus und Aquarius
  10. Text correction and addition at NGC 7635; entry in Bibliography
  11. Galaxy Messier 33 added; minor corrections in G 1, Crux, Corona Borealis, NGC 1514, Messier 1, NGC 6888, and NGC 6960+
  12. Alaska flag and description added to Ursa Maior; additions to Abell 21; entry in Bibliography; NGC 1701 added to Caelum.
  13. Object description for Collinder 399; replaced POSS image of NGC 6888 with Stefs photo and old drawing; added three national flags and description for Crux; small changes in Messier 46; added sources in Bibliography; added visual description and drawing of NGC 6543
  14. Entry in Bibliography; Messier 1 ergänzt; Added What's new?; various small corrections in Vela, Virgo, Bootes, Corona Borealis, Vulpecula and Messier 27

August 1996

  1. The DSC goes online

June 1996

  1. Foundation of the new Deep-Sky Corner