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The Deep-Sky Corner was created between 1996 and 2001 as a leisure project by a group of amateur astronomers. Virtual time travel: 1999, 2001, 2002. After that, the Deep-Sky Corner stayed asleep on astro!nfo until September 2020, when that website was discontinued. Now it has risen again on its own domain and is continuously updated.

03-30New: Blazar Markarian 421
03-25Added limiting magnitudes of finder charts. Description for M 20 by Edi
03-21Added «Strasbourg-ESO Catalogue of Galactic Planetary Nebulae» on constellation pages.
03-10Added historical constellation maps from Johann Bayer's «Uranometria» (1603) and Johannes Hevelius «Prodromus Astronomiae» (1690).
02-22Handy Feature: Objects of the current month
02-19Observation reports from Eduard von Bergen with 30" SlipStream Dobson: Tau Canis Majoris Cluster (NGC 2362), Pair of Galaxies NGC 3395/6 (Arp 270), Pair of Galaxies NGC 3226/7 (Arp 94), Galaxy NGC 2782 (Arp 215), Hubbles Variable Nebula (NGC 2261), Seagull Nebula (IC 2177)
02-17New: Supernova Remnant CTB 1 (Abell 85)
02-16Neu: Planetary Nebulae Abell 19, Abell 57, Abell 61, Abell 68
02-15New: Planetary Nebulae Abell 5, Kohoutek 1-7 (Abell 10), Abell 65, Abell 74
02-13vdB 141: Text supplements
02-12LDN 1235: Text supplements and photo by Peter Kocher
02-11New: Galactic Nebula NGC 2467, photos by Jörg Studer: Seahorse Nebula LDN 1082, Shark Nebula LDN 1235
02-09New: Planetary Nebulae IC 972 and NGC 7094
02-08New: Globular Cluster NGC 6366
02-05New: Planetary Nebula NGC 2610, Globular Cluster NGC 5694
02-04New: Globular Cluster NGC 4147, Planetary Nebula IC 4593, Globular Cluster NGC 6229
01-28New: Globular Cluster NGC 6934 and Planetary Nebula NGC 6891 in constellation Delphinus
01-27New: 37 Cluster (NGC 2169)
01-21New: Bear Paw Galaxy (NGC 2537, Arp 6) & IC 2233 and Galaxy NGC 1569 (Arp 210)
01-19New: Galaxies NGC 2857 (Arp 1) & NGC 2854/6 (Arp 285)
01-18New: Tau Canis Majoris Cluster (NGC 2362)
01-16100th Planetary nebula in DSC: NGC 6537 (Red Spider Nebula)
01-08Additions at the Pleiades: Discovery history and development of the Subaru logo. New: Kemble's Cascade + Cluster NGC 1502