Planetary Nebula IC 2149

IC 2149
IC 2149: Planetary nebula in Auriga; 500 mm Cassegrain 3625 mm f/7.2, SBIG STL11K; 15+5+5+5 min LRGB; Bernese Highlands; © 2011 Radek Chromik [32]


The small planetary nebula IC 2149 was discovered in 1906 by the Scottish-American astronomer Williamina Fleming photographically and visually-spectroscopically with an 8 inch telescope. She was an assistant to Edwart Pickering, an astronomy professor at Harward University. [196, 277]

Physical Properties

The physical structure of this bipolar planetary nebula is not yet completely sure. It could be a bright ring of gas that we are looking at from the side, or it could be a jet extending northeast and hitting a shock front. The distance to this PN is estimated to be about 1.1 kpc. [449, 450]

«Strasbourg-ESO Catalogue of Galactic Planetary Nebulae» Acker et al., 1992 [141]
Designations PN G166.1+10.4: IC 2149, PK 166+10.1, ARO 23, VV 26, VV' 37
Right Ascension (J2000.0) 05h 56m 24s
Declination (J2000.0) +46° 06' 17"
Dimensions 8.5" (optical), 7." (radio)
Distance 1.09 kpc
Radial Velocity -30.7 ± 2.1 km/s
Expansion Velocity < 10.0 (O-III) 20. (N-II) km/s
C-Star Designations AG82 51, BD +46 1067, GCRV 3681, HD 39659, PLX 1357
C-Star Magnitude B: 11.28, V: 11.59
C-Star Spectral Type O4 (f), Of(H)
Discoverer FLEMING 1906

Finder Chart

The planetary nebula IC 2149 is located in the constellation Auriga, which is best visible from August to April.

Finder Chart Planetary Nebula IC 2149
Planetary Nebula IC 2149 in constellation Auriga. Charts created using SkySafari 6 Pro and STScI Digitized Sky Survey. Limiting magnitudes: Constellation chart ~6.5 mag, DSS2 close-ups ~20 mag. [149, 160]

Objects Within a Radius of 15°


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